The print station is a very prominent feature in modern offices everywhere. Hardly a day goes by without one having to print or make a photocopy of a document. Since these devices are essential, the tendency is to want to keep them close by. However, this should not be, because they are not as harmless as they seem.

Photocopiers and laser printers emit a number of air borne particles that have been found to be related to some heart and lung diseases. Some other particles they emit cause irritations on the skin and eyes. These machines also emit large amounts of heat.
“Workers are using these office machines every single day. Yet not many realise that, under certain circumstances, they can bring on health problems, especially in those with pre-existing respiratory conditions”

– Dr. Chew Huck-Chin (Consultant at Respiratory Medical Associates)


The machines at the print station also make a lot of noise as they work. Of course, the noise is not enough to damage your hearing, but it can be very distracting. The whirring of the machines can make one lose concentration, making simple activities like reading or talking to someone seem tasking.

Also, people tend to converge at the print station and sometimes, try to catch up on the latest office gist. A study showed that workers do this at the print station even more often than at the water dispenser. This results in a lot of wasted time, and hence, money. Other people working close by may also find the conversation distracting, reducing concentration and hence, productivity.
The entire office can be connected to one network printer that should be located, along with the photocopier and other devices, in a place separate from the main office area or in a separate room. The place has to be well-ventilated and organized.

The print station should also be furnished with cabinets or drawers to serve as a stand for the machines and for storing paper, ink and other important items. Print station cabinets are available in low or medium height. Be sure to select the appropriate cabinet height so that operating the printer or photocopier will be comfortable when the machine is placed on the cabinet.

Take advantage of Eezy Office cable management solutions to tame the cables of various machines and to avoid a cluttered look in the print station. And to reduce the chances of tripping on a cable!

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