Are you dealing with serious space constraints in your office? We’ve got a solution for you; Look up! you need cabinets.


That’s right.


When people say they have a small office space, they usually are talking about floor space. What they do not realize is that there is probably more room than they think they do;  vertically, that is.


Instead of low and wider cabinets, drawers and bookshelves that will take up more ground space, go for tall and narrower pieces. This can help you free up more space for other important items on the ground and maximize use of your office space.


Walls are not just for hanging art, pictures and clocks. Take advantage of wall height by getting wall-hung cabinets or wall-mounted shelves. They are great storage options that encourage use of space on your walls.


Stacking is another way to make use of vertical space. Files and books that cannot fit in your shelves or cabinets can be stacked neatly on one pile on the ground or in a cabinet to avoid clutter. Organization is key.


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